Hand Wax Polish

S $95     M $110     L $130

Want to rejuvenate your dull car? Or treat her to something special? Give her the ol’ ‘wax on wax off’ treatment 2-4 times a year to really keep her well looked after. Our premium wax polish will provide you with a long lasting protective coat, leaving your car looking as shiny as ever.

Time: 1-1.5hr (may be longer during peak times)

+ Vacuum boot, carpet & seats
+ Wipe clean steering wheel, door interiors, dashboard & console
+ Spray on liquid wax to entire body
+ Hand wash with high gloss wax shampoo
+ Finish with chamois
+ Door & boot frames wiped
+ Windows cleaned inside & out
+ Long lasting tyre shine
+ Hand wax with premium polish

+ Complimentary coffee, tea, 375ml can of soft drink or bottle of water

Please note that extra charges may apply due to the size and condition of your vehicle.

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