Full Detail

Our most luxurious treatment

S $250     M $270     L $310

Selling your car? Just bought a second hand car? Or maybe your car is just feeling like its aged a fair bit. What ever the reason, our Full Detail will have your car feeling like a brand new car again.

No bookings required – just drop it in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.

Time: 4-6 hours (depending on size of vehicle and peak hours)

+ Vacuum boot, carpet & seats
+ Shampoo boot, carpet & seats
+ Wipe clean steering wheel, door interiors, dashboard & console
+ Armorall Treatment to interior plastic & leather surfaces
+ Spray on liquid wax to entire body
+ Hand wash with high gloss wax shampoo
+ Pressure wash engine, engine bay & wheel arches
+ Finish with chamois
+ Windows cleaned inside & out
+ Long lasting tyre shine
+ Exterior rubber moulds & bumpers conditioned
+ Paintwork buffed to remove surface scratches, stains & oxidization
+ Hand wax with premium polish

+ Complimentary coffee, tea, 375ml can of soft drink or bottle of water

Please note, interior upholstery may still be damp when you pick up, depending on the weather. To completely dry out your car, we suggest parking your car in a garage with the windows down overnight (if safe to do so).

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