Buff Wax Polish

S $140     M $155     L $175

The paintwork is buffed with a clay bar to remove surface scratches, stains & oxidization. This may help to remove some of those light swirls you can see on the surface of your car, and help bring the paintwork back to life. Followed by our hand wax polish, your car will definitely leave us with a protective and shiny new coat. If you’re thinking about selling, this can also be a great treatment to increase the value of your car.

Time: 2-3 hours (may be longer during peak times)

+ Vacuum boot, carpet & seats
+ Wipe clean steering wheel, door interiors, dashboard & console
+ Spray on liquid wax to entire body
+ Hand wash with high gloss wax shampoo
+ Finish with chamois
+ Door & boot frames wiped
+ Windows cleaned inside & out
+ Long lasting tyre shine
Paintwork buffed with clay bar
+ Hand wax with premium polish

+ Complimentary coffee, tea, 375ml can of soft drink or bottle of water

Please note that extra charges may apply due to the size and condition of your vehicle.

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